Food Delivery Accident

December 9th

Food Delivery Accident

In today’s “gig economy,” more people than ever are picking up extra jobs to support their lifestyles. One of the most popular side jobs today is driving for a food delivery app – an industry that’s sky-rocketing in the United States; in 2020, United States revenue from food delivery apps reached $26.5 billion, and that number shows no sign of slowing. In fact, Las Vegas is listed as one of the top delivery cities for Doordash. 

If you drive for a food delivery app, like Uber Eats, Grubhub, Doordash, Seamless or Postmates, or if you’re considering starting, then you should be aware of safety and security around this job, specifically, what would happen if you were in a food delivery accident while on the job. Here’s what you need to know about food delivery app legal protocol for accidents.

What to do if you get in an accident with a food delivery driver

If you happen to get into an accident with a driver who is delivering for a food delivery service app, there are a few steps you need to make sure you take. Below, we review action steps for what to do after a food delivery accident.

For more information on post-accident readiness, check out our article on what to do after a car accident.

Assess The Damage

Immediately after an accident, the first thing you should do is make sure that everyone is okay. If anyone requires obvious medical attention, or if injuries are suspected, call 911 to get a medical professional onsite immediately. 

After determining any personal injuries to drivers and passengers involved in the accident, you’ll also want to assess the damage to the vehicles involved. This is also the ideal time to take photos of the damage so you have a record, and can easily pass these images to authorities or insurance professionals.  

Nine times out of ten, you should call the police to create an accident report and also procure any needed medical services.

Get Drivers information

After ensuring that everyone is okay, and assessing initial damage from the collision, you need to focus on getting the other driver’s information. Be sure to ask the other driver in the food delivery accident for:

  • Name
  • License
  • Insurance information 
  • And most importantly: which food delivery service they were delivering for at the time of the accident

Like with vehicle damage, it’s best to take photos of all this information so you have a physical record as well as an easy way of accessing it. This is extremely important to do, as this is your only time to gather this information and successfully move forward with filing a claim with your insurance company. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

In the days immediately following the accident, you may want to contact your insurance company to notify them of the food delivery driver accident, and, in most cases, file a claim. This will allow you to get their help in paying for damages to your vehicle, or other damages incurred. 

This is especially important to do in the case of a food delivery driver accident, because some food delivery drivers are not fully aware of what their food delivery company’s responsibilities are, and what they would cover. Some companies require that their drivers carry insurance with minimum coverages for themselves.  Many drivers may have insurance but do not have an additional commercial rider to cover them for accidents while delivering. 

Here are the accident and insurance policies for three of the most popular food delivery service apps,  including liability if delivery driver gets into accidents:


The Doordash accident policy states that “DoorDash provides auto insurance for Dashers, but this insurance applies only to accidents while using a motor vehicle on an active delivery (from order acceptance heading to the Merchant or from Merchant to the Customer). This insurance applies only after the Dasher goes through their own auto insurance policy first.” 

For filing a Doordash accident report (as either the delivery driver or the other party), they have a form you can fill out. So, the answer to “will Doordash pay for car accident” is dependent on this form, and its contents.


Postmates does offer insurance to its drivers, but does not cover “any damage to the driver’s vehicle or bike due to an accident.” Postmates drivers are informed that they will need to have their own instance policies to cover damage. They do, however, offer significant accidental occupational liability insurance to their drivers

If you are in a Postmates car accident and suffer damages, it is possible that Postmates will help out with accident costs through their auto liability coverage policy. 

Uber Eats

In terms of the answer to, “does Ubereats cover accident costs,” their official verbiage is pretty clear. It states, “Uber holds a commercial insurance policy with $1 million of coverage per incident. Drivers’ liability to third parties is covered from the moment a driver accepts the request to deliver meals or goods to the time the delivery is complete.”

Contact The Ruiz Law Firm to Help in Delivery Accident Case

No matter the food delivery service or the situation, every car accident presents its own unique set of challenges. It’s always a good idea to contact an attorney to help with the process, since many insurance companies will shy away from paying for damages, and in this case, there’s the added complication of a delivery app service being involved.  

If you have been in a food delivery accident and need some help, set up a free consultation with Ruiz Law today to get started on your case. You won’t pay anything unless Ruiz wins the case, so there’s nothing to lose – contact us today! 


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