Getting Hit By A Car: Who Is Responsible & What To Do

February 1st

Getting Hit By A Car: Who Is Responsible & What To Do

Getting hit by a car is a scary and traumatic experience. And unfortunately, these accidents happen all too often with grim results for the pedestrians involved. In car accidents involving pedestrians in Nevada, over 24 percent of all accidents involving cars result in a pedestrian losing their life, according to a report published by Zero Fatalities Nevada.

As with many disasters, one of the best things you can do to maximize your chance of survival is to be prepared. Use our guide below to educate yourself on what to do if you (or a loved one) are hit by a car. 

What To Do After Getting Hit By A Car 

If you find yourself in this scenario, there are certain steps you must take to increase your chances of surviving getting hit by a car. Familiarize yourself with our guide below on what to do after getting hit by a car.

  1. Get to Safety
  2. Call 911
  3. Seek Medical Attention
  4. Get Driver and Accident Information
  5. Seek Legal Counsel From a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Get To Safety

First thing’s first, after getting hit by a car, get yourself to safety as soon as possible. Get yourself out of any oncoming traffic and ideally at least 15 feet away from any vehicles in motion. 

In the immediate aftermath of an accident where you are hit by a car, you will likely feel scared, angry, overwhelmed, and possibly be in shock, but do your best to stay calm and prioritize this first step to put yourself out of the way of any additional harm.

Call 911

Once you are safely out of the collision area, call the police. It doesn’t matter if the driver has stuck around or if they have fled the scene, if you are conscious in the wake of being hit by a car, it is your responsibility to call 911. 

In calling 911, you’ll be able to get local authorities on the scene as quickly as possible, and get any medical attention you may need. Once the police arrive, work with them to get an accident report filled out. Be truthful and as factual as possible in detailing your account of what happened. 

Seek Medical Attention

Once the authorities have arrived, take necessary steps to seek medical attention. Some injuries in the wake of being hit by a car are obvious, but many are not. So, even if you’re feeling okay, you should get checked out. Shock and adrenaline have a tendency to mask pain in the minutes (and even hours) following getting hit by a car, and it’s likely that injuries from being hit by a car may not manifest until days after the collision. Do yourself a favor and get checked out by medical professionals, no matter what. 

Get Driver and Accident Information

If possible, do your best to collect driver and accident information on the scene. The same as with any other car accident, you should collect information about the driver (including name, address, drivers license info), as well as take pictures and any notes of the accident area. Try to take pictures of the scene itself, where you were hit, the surrounding area, and any other telltale signs of the accident (such as skid marks.). Document as much as you can. This info can be used to help establish fault and help build a case, if needed.

Of course, it will not be possible to collect driver information in the case of a hit and run. Visit our article on what to do after a hit and run for more guidance in that scenario. 

Seek Legal Counsel From a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

In the days following the accident, you may want to seek legal counsel from a lawyer who specializes in pedestrian accidents. This will ensure that you are fully protected in any impending legal disputes, and that you receive maximum compensation (especially if you sustained any injuries in the accident). 

When searching for a pedestrian accident lawyer, however, be wary of attorneys wanting to overcharge you for services. Instead, search for an attorney that doesn’t charge you up front. The Ruiz Law Firm, for example, only charges if you win your case.  

It’s a good idea to contact a lawyer before speaking with insurance companies, since insurance companies notoriously will try to avoid paying as much as possible.

What Not To Do After Being Hit By A Car

While there are certain steps (like the ones listed above) that you should absolutely take after getting hit by a car, there are also a few steps you should actively avoid. Read through this list to make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes. 

  • Leave the Scene of the Accident – As scary as the accident may have been, do not leave the scene. Get yourself to safety, call the authorities and do your best to stay calm. 
  • Avoid Calling 911 – If you are conscious after being hit by a car, it is your responsibility to call 911. Do not skip this step. 
  • Admitting Fault – Especially when talking with the authorities, do not admit fault for the accident. Convey truthful, factual information about what happened, and seek the help of a lawyer to take further action. 
  • Contacting other insurance company without a lawyer – Unfortunately, many insurance companies approach accidents with the goal of paying as little as possible for damages. Before contacting the driver’s insurance company, seek the counsel of a pedestrian accident lawyer. 
  • Deny medical attention – Injuries from car accidents often do not present themselves until hours, if not days, after the event. Even if you are feeling okay after an accident, you must seek medical attention and get checked out. 
  • Forget to get information on the accident – The wake of an accident can be stressful and scary, but do you best to remember to gather as much information as possible immediately after the event. This evidence can play a crucial role in making your case down the road. 
  • File a lawsuit without a lawyer – This is setting yourself up for failure. Do not make the mistake of trying to file a lawsuit on your own, without the help of a lawyer. Especially since many lawyers don’t charge you unless you win your case, you have nothing to lose by seeking their help. 

Injuries From Getting Hit By A Car

Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians can have serious, if not fatal, results for the pedestrians involved. Bruises, broken bones, lacerations, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries are commonly sustained as a result of pedestrian car accidents. Here is a list of the most common injuries that pedestrians often incur as a result of car accidents: 

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list since every accident is unique, but it’s important to be aware of potential dangers and injuries so you can keep an eye out for them in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

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