8 Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Accident

August 30th

8 Steps To Take After A Slip And Fall Accident

A slip and fall accident is no laughing matter. If you or someone you know is involved in a slip and fall accident, follow the eight steps below to walk you through exactly what to do after injury in a slip and fall accident. 

What To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

Injured in a slip and fall accident? Follow these steps to seek medical help and efficiently pursue legal action. Note that it’s important to take these steps as soon as possible; time is of the essence after any accident, but especially after a slip and fall. 

1. Seek Medical Treatment

First, be sure to seek medical treatment immediately. If you notice a major injury that requires immediate treatment and requires an ambulance, call 911 (or have someone else call if you do not have a phone). 

Many injuries from slip and fall accidents are evident, but not all. When in doubt, go to an urgent care facility or your local medical provider to get a full assessment of external or potential internal injuries. . 

2. File A Report

Next, as soon as you are physically capable, you should fill out an accident report regarding the slip and fall. This report should be filled out with the property owner/ manager, or the business owner/manager of the establishment where the incident took place. Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your explanation for the accident report, as well as wholly truthful. 

3. Take Pictures of The Accident Area

If you are physically and mentally sound after the slip and fall accident, it’s a good idea to take photos (on your phone) immediately. Take photos to document the area where the accident occurred, including any suspected or obvious contributing factors. 

In addition, make sure to get photos of any sustained injuries. If you cannot take these photos yourself, enlist the help of a friend, family member, or medical professional. 

4. Get Witness Information

In addition, it will be incredibly helpful to gather information regarding the slip and fall incident from any witnesses who happen to be nearby. You don’t need to worry about collecting any sort of statement, just ask them for their name, phone number, and email and/or home address. Set the precedent that they may be contacted to make a statement or share their account of events in the days or weeks following the incident. 

5. Document and Keep Records

Just as in any legal case, be sure to keep detailed records and documentation throughout the process, starting with writing down everything you remember about the slip and fall accident as soon as possible after it occurs. That way it will be easier to recall this information when needed, as well as share it with legal professionals. Be sure to also keep any documents received regarding the incident in a designated place. 

6. Keep Clothes and Shoes From Incident

One thing that accident victims don’t often think about is keeping clothes and shoes that were worn during the incident. Take them off and put them in a safe place – do not wash them or alter them in any way, as they may become evidence for your case. 

7. Do Not Assign Blame

Even in the case of a contentious slip and fall incident, resist the urge to place blame on an establishment or individual. Refrain from blaming anyone right away (as well as saying anything you may regret) as it could be used against you when the investigation takes place. Instead, take notes and write down any and everything you can remember. 

8. Contact a Lawyer

Finally, after you’ve completed all these steps and have gathered all the recommended information, it’s time to contact a lawyer that can help represent you in your slip and fall case. Ask friends for recommendations, or seek out a well-reputed lawyer in your immediate area that can retain for the duration of the investigation and case. 

What Not To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

In addition to following the recommended steps above, there are also a number of actions you should not take if you or someone you know is involved in a slip and fall accident. Be sure to refrain from any of the following:

  • Do not accept blame – You shouldn’t assign blame, but also be sure not to accept blame for the accident or say something like “I should have watched out.” Any of these quotes can be used against you in the case.
  • Do not sign any waivers – Wait until you have a lawyer on retainer before signing any waivers or paperwork provided by the establishment or business where the incident took place. 
  • Do not get angry – Even though you may be upset or angry, high tempers never help a sensitive scenario. Keep your composure, watch your words, and do not threaten a lawsuit
  • Do not post to social media – As tempting as it may be to take to Facebook after a slip and fall accident at your local restaurant, resist the urge, since this content can be used against you
  • Do not question witnesses about the incident – Just confirm they saw what happened, and if so, ask to gather their information. 

Avoiding these key mistakes can significantly help your case if you are involved in a slip and fall. 

Ruiz Law Is A Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer That Can Help You Now!

Hopefully reading through these steps will help prepare you in the case of a slip and call. But, the most important thing to remember to do immediately is get medical help (and to not let the heat of the moment or confusion in the wake of a slip and fall push you to sign anything or say something you might regret! 

If you are in need of a slip and fall lawyer, or could use some additional insight on how to move forward with your case, visit our slip and fall page to get some helpful tips. Or contact us today to get a free consultation started.


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